Western-Ukrainian marriages : Family Values for Ukrainian Bride

Western-Ukrainian marriages : Family Values for Ukrainian Bride

Love is absolute foundation

Marital happiness is impossible without love and people should remember that love is not the only condition for a happy, stable marriage. Certainly, such criteria as love is absolute foundation, but the creation of the strong family depends on a bunch of factors. Have you ever thought about the meaning which interprets the Ukrainian women’s marriage concept?

The deep historical and sociological approach of the role’s distribution and responsibilities in the family of our ancestry is founded on this very conception. However, the views about men’s and women’s values in the particular family in every nation have their own status. On the one hand, the concept “to be married” in Ukrainian culture is supposed to be subordinate to the head of the family, the patron and the protector of the family home. The Ukrainian term “to be married” which sounds like “odruzhytusya” is based on the mental friendship and physical and spiritual brotherhood on the other one. This alliance finds equal and respectful relationships between husband and wife, responsibility or each other, support in all life situations. That’s why it is so important for Ukrainian women to trust their husbands. The trust means believing them. If you meet these conditions you will be heard and understood. It is a wholly-owned faith without absurd accusations and suspicions, where unreasonable jealousy doesn’t take place. This faith is not a fictional one. The cornerstone of Ukrainian-Western marriage is the acts and actions of both spouses. Such a family “policy” engenders self-confidence in the chosen path, the present and the future, even if the couple meet each other online. Exactly such a trust helps families to become happy and strong.

The male and female think differently

It has long been no secret that male and female think and reason differently. The vast majority of men follow a clear logic while the figurative and intuitive thinking of the Ukrainian ladies is embedded in their consciousness. The emotional component and an inner sense of the family concept is much more significant to the Ukrainian single ladies than foolish adherence to the code of logical laws. Men’s logic is certainly the basis of the progress in any sphere of everyday life, but it has no meaning without women’s ability to emotional delight. Such a pure logic doesn’t make sense and doesn’t have any incentives. Female intuition has always occupied a dominant position in making vital decisions.

Another unwritten truth and value in the marriage to the Ukrainian lady is the respect to each other because there is absolutely no need to apply offensive words for keeping family atmosphere in peace. There is one more inseperable feature of the real Ukrainian maiden: to take her partner for what he really is. Besides only Ukrainian woman brings her arguments with the sense of humor in a family rumble.

It is still very important to preserve native traditions in a family. Traditions make the family special, unique and solid social unit. Western-Ukrainian family is always filled up with happiness and good mood. Ukrainian women are full of tenderness, which is instilled in mother’s milk. Pretty and beautiful Ukrainians appreciate the family values most of all and people who love them is the main wealth in their life.


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